I want to knit everything …

It’s the summer of knits. I want to knit it all. All the time. So many projects are lying around so many rooms of my home. I can go anywhere and have something to knit. So far I have two socks started, a hat, scarf, shawl, crocheted dragon toy, dishcloth and a crocheted summer top.

So far I’ve finished three pairs of socks, a hat, two crocheted cowls, two knitted cowls and some dishcloths.

So many more projects to go.

The other event that’s taken three weeks and many emptied plastic tubs is the reorganization and inventory of the stash closet. It was not until I began this project that I realized truly how much yarn I had. So much that I probably won’t run out until my life does. This was both reassuring and disturbing. So I could knit for the rest of my life – probably – without spending another dime. But there were some skeins in my collection that I didn’t want to spend any time with  – this was discouraging.

So, last night, I did something I thought I’d never do – listed these skeins on the local rummage sale site. And in another surprising turn of events, much of it sold. That Kon Mari business is not for the birds. I felt much more free. My closet is slightly less full, and I can concentrate a little more on what I actually want to knit. And perhaps this will help decide future yarn buys – because while I may not need any more yarn I’m sure I’ll want more.

I have a goal of 25 percent stash reduction this year. Possibly not realistic but I’m knitting my brain out to try to meet it.



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