What I want for Christmas

As we do during this time of year my holiday to do list is frequently running through my head:

Write the letter.

Send the cards.

Finish the shopping.

Wrap the gifts.


What gifts am I making for people – can I get them done – should I even try?

It’s on a continuous loop in my head. Each year I swear I’m not going to fall into the crafting trap. But then I argue with myself that it would save money. I have the patterns! I have the supplies!

But what I really want for Christmas is a calm holiday. Full of crafting that is not also full of stress due to a looming deadline. Just happy stitching to celebrate and enjoy the holiday season like I see in so many of the Instagram photos and blog posts I admire.

And I want to spend the new year stitching things that reduce the supply inventory, make room in the stash closet and end up being used by someone who really needs or wants the finished product.

Good luck to me and good luck to all of us in search of crafting peace this holiday season. I wish you just enough to do to satisfy the itch to create.


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