I now have things done. Get ready.

In recent times Ann Shayne of Mason-Dixon Knitting (See her book review here) implemented 15-minute blogging on her site. The Mason-Dixon posts have increased in frequency. This is good news for me as I love their blog. So, in an effort to increase my own pathetic blog efforts, I am doing the same.

When last we met I lamented Camp Loopy, a summer program sponsored by an online yarn shop, that encourages knitters to do three projects over three months. I had finished zero projects at that time. Not so any longer my friends. Witness the Color Affection and Raglan sweater.

2012-09-04 08.16.56

2012-10-13 00.05.42

The color affection is a shawl. The raglan sweater is a raglan sweater. Both were knit with sock yarn. The Loopy Eye, camp sponsor, excels at sock yarn. These were the June and July projects respectively. (We will not discuss when these projects were completed.) The August project still bides its time in a bag waiting for its number to be called. Patience grasshopper.

Do you have any failures turned successes you’d like to report? Original deadlines will not be shared with the public.

And time’s up!


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