The failed progress of Camp Loopy and a book review

For the last two summers I have participated – sort of – in Camp Loopy. It is a knitting camp sponsored by yarn company, The Loopy Ewe. Basically, they create rules you have to follow in knitting three projects over three months. It is a good way for them to get people to buy yarn and a good way for people to finish three projects during the summer. There are three deadlines. This is the problem.

Last summer the extent of my participation was selecting patterns and buying yarn – yarn that is still in my stash I might add. This summer I selected the patterns, bought the yarn and actually started the projects but I have made zero deadlines. One Color Affection shawl is three-quarters of the way done because I moved on to the second month’s project. I am nearly to the point of separating for the armholes of a Radian Yoke sweater three days after its deadline. And I have the supplies ready to start a Catkin in the colorway of the sweater of this link. I guess there is some hope I might finish this but it’s doubtful. I would like to wear the Radian Yoke at least once before the snow flies. It’s a short-sleeved sweater. I am very disappointed in this project, probably more than I should be. And probably because I have a sweater, an afghan and two scarves waiting to be finished. And never mind the yarn shop’s worth of yarn that I am apparently storing for some yarn apocalypse. Do not worry people. If it comes, I will be ready. There’s also the binder of projects I REALLY want to knit that have received no love beyond getting their own binder. While I have enjoyed working on the Loopy projects I had hoped to whittle down the stash this summer but that hasn’t happened. Maybe next year.


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In cheerier news, I recently finished Bowling Avenue by Ann Shayne of Mason-Dixon Knitting. She writes about a woman who returns home to Nashville to sell her dead sister’s house and then gets caught up in the Nashville flood. It has a lot of humor, sympathetic characters and plenty of knitting. And the writing is pretty good especially for a first effort. Shayne began writing the novel a year or two ago and self-published it. She is well-known in the knitting community and I can’t help but think book sales received a boost from the loyal knitters, but it was worth my money. I was sorry to leave the world she created.


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