Spring has sprung …

Let’s take stock people. Tomorrow is the vernal equinox – meaning equal hours of day and night – and the first day of spring – meaning time to clean out and take stock. And so, I will conduct a brief review of the progress of my knitting resolutions.

1. Knit more, play on the Internet less.

This has happened to an extent, mainly because I rarely look at the Internet at night anymore. Nighttime is knit time – among other things. šŸ™‚ I have added far fewer patterns to my Ravelry favorites recently. But I haven’t been knitting from any of those saved patterns either unless you count American Girl clothes, which I do. Much more progress could be made in this area. I am currently wanting this fairly badly: tea leaves

A new sweater for the American Girl doll belonging to Ashlynn Smith. This outfit also fulfilled a year-old request for pants.

2. Make more from the yarn of the month club.

Success, albeit slow. I recently completely a set of fingerless mittens and am working on a hat from the club. Had I been in possession of or known the location of the size 4 needles I do possess, I would probably be nearly done with the hat. I’ve also wound all the yarn for the kits I already have. They are ready and waiting in the bedroom. I’m trying to decide between a scarf and a shawl and when I get the current pair of socks done I’m moving on to the yomc socks.

3. Make mittens.

No mittens have been made unless you count the fingerless mitts mentioned in the No. 2 entry. However, I have conquered my fear of making thumbs so hopefully completing a pair of mittens is in my future. The yarn still languishes.

4. Replenish the Drawer of Advanced Planning.

I have kicked number four in the rear. After pillaging this drawer at Christmas, I diligently worked to beef it up again. It currently includes two baby sweaters, a skewed shawl, one neck warmer and a pair of fingerless mittens. I cannot believe I have presents done for so many various people this early. Bring on Christmas! It will not make me its bitch this year. It won’t!

5. Finish last year’s projects.

I did make a great stride here in finishing long-promised and expected golf club covers. I charted two of the designs for these clubs, had big problems when trying to teach myself stranded knitting and basically knit each cover two to three times. I also had problems with the pom-poms and decided they wouldn’t hold up under the frequent and manly removal from their golf club resting spots. So I scrapped them. They were delivered in February to a huge fan fair and warm reception. This isn’t technically last year’s project it’s more like 2006’s project. But they are finally done – huzzah – and I can now move on with my life.

Regarding other projects from last year, I’ve finished little things, but no big things. The world’s longest-running blanket project is still running, I am not done with my Placed Cable Aran sweater and I need to do more work on a Christmas sock I started for someone in November. Oh well, the year’s not done yet, but unfortunately for the sweater and blanket, winter is.

6. Charity Knitting.

Nothing done here. I was supposed to knit a hat every month. No hats so far. But again, the year is still young.

7. Become more comfortable with sock knitting.

I’ve become more comfortable with my basic sock-knitting pattern and can finish a pair in under three months (it’s usually the purse knitting) but I’ve yet to try any more sophisticated patterns. That’s my plan after the current pair is complete. By the way, here’s the first sock of the current pair watching the Summit League Tournament.

And that concludes the knitting resolution update. I’ll admit I’m sort of impressed with myself. Here’s to an even more productive second quarter.


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