Blasting through the stash

While not officially stated in my New Year’s goals, reducing the amount of yarn in my home is a major campaign for 2012. Prior to a fall home reno, the yarn had wormed its way into every room in the house. It’s still there technically, but no actual yarn resides in the kitchen. In order to make myself look less loony to muggles (non-knitters) I have tried to reduce the amount on display, with some success.

But now to the point. This little sweater was knit with one and a half skeins of either Rowan or Debbie Bliss baby weight yarn. It was also a chance for me to try out the 80 bajillion baby sweater patterns I have placed in my Ravelry favorite page. The pattern is the Baby Boy 5-Hour Sweater. Here are my Ravelry deets.


And just for the record, this is the fifth finished knitted thing for 2012. It was started in 2011 but that doesn’t count right now because I make the rules. Of course the Beem is the real rule-maker.


Gratuitous dog photo

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