Four knitted things

Since Jan. 1 I have finished four knitted things. Now that’s finished, not started. Let’s keep that clear because two of these knitted things were supposed to be Christmas presents. Exhibit A and B:

These patterns are Turn A Square by Jared Flood and the Hitchhiker shawl pattern by Martina Behm. The hat was supposed to be part of my brother’s Christmas present, as blogged previously, the scarf was supposed to be part of my sister-in-law’s gift. She got a wrapped up pattern and skein of yarn instead. This caused some giggles but was not ideal by any means. Apparently before Christmas she was looking for a scarf but they were all too expensive. Knitsmith to the rescue, albeit a bit late. It’s a good thing she was only needing a scarf and not being attacked by aliens or something. Being rescued from alien attack is something you want right away, not two weeks later.  Anyway, these are both done and I have resolved to only take on three knit for Christmas projects past Aug. 1 next year. And start them before Nov. 1. Let’s be sensible.

The completion of these projects subtracts two skeins of yarn from the stash. Considering how much the stash has grown in the last year that is fantastic. I went to one fiber festival and the sock summit and picked up some presents for myself at both. I’m also slightly addicted to the yarn sites on the Triple Dubs. You understand where this is going. I have a small house and people aren’t fooled when you tell them big piles of yarn are chairs.

Anyway, I’ve knocked out two more projects this weekend: a scarf and a cowl.

The cowl will go in the Drawer of Advanced Planning. The scarf will shortly be a birthday gift. It’s just a simple garter stitch. The cowl was worked in the round until I ran out of yarn.

So there you have it – Jan. 9 and I’ve already finished four knitted things. I hope this trend of mass production knitting continues for me and for you if you’re so inclined.


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