Finish it already

Today’s post is brought to you by the letter F – for Finish. I am currently working on what could very shortly be the fourth finished knitted thing of 2012. This is impressive since it is only Jan. 8. That’s right, I have just complemented myself. That’s how I roll. I should not allow myself to get a swelled head about this accomplishment however, due to the myriad unfinished things dating back to years beyond 2011. Many of these unfinished items reside in the sewing room.

For several months I’ve believed that I would enjoy sewing if only I had the time and energy to do it. I am beginning to doubt the truth of this statement as I have yet to actually sew in spite of some available time and occasional energy. I see many projects I want to sew. This, instance, would be a lovely addition to the front entrance. Every time I think of working on a project like this I remember the two quilt tops, one tie, a purse and pants needing to be hemmed that are on the to do list ahead it, or the American Girl clothes I want to sew for an upcoming birthday and I stay in the chair with the knitting.

I have flirted with putting together projects that only need sewing so that I can work on them right way when I get up or during my lunch hour. So far, this is another pipe dream.

What is the point of this post you ask? Merely to remind myself of the big pile of unfinished things weighing me down. I’m also just musing out loud about whether any of this will ever achieve completion or continue to languish in a basket. Should I scrap it all, donate it and just focus on the knitting and scrapping? It seems like a big defeat and an overall waste. This may seem very silly but whether I’m going to continue to stock the craft room as if I sew or whether I’m going to let it all go and give the space over to either less clutter or other priorities is a big question I’m pondering. My mother sewed beautifully and appeared to love it. (She also didn’t let quite as many projects pile up as I do. And tried to warn me of the folly of doing so.) People think I sew infrequently as I actually do. Letting go of it feels like letting go of part of her legacy, and a part of her that still lives in me, so it’s difficult. Maybe I should just put it away for awhile and see how I feel in six months. Maybe I should just give myself a break. Stay tuned.


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