Knitting Resolutions

1. This post may contradict my first resolution, but I want to spend less time looking at patterns on the Internet and more time knitting them. I probably have enough patterns now to knit until I die so I need to get started. I’ve already finished a Turn A Square hat for my brother that has been on the to do list for awhile. And I used Shelter yarn, which was developed by the pattern writer, so that’s even better.


Turn a Square

2. Make more from the Sock of the Month Club. I have a bag full of these projects in my bedroom and more are on their way each month. I want to make a dent in this.

3. Mittens. I have four skeins of yarn designated as mittens and hats and they need to make the leap from yarn to knitting pretty soon.

4. Replenish the Drawer of Advanced Planning. I gave almost everyone a knitted thing for Christmas this season so the drawer is pretty empty. I want to repeat this feat next year but get the projects done by Christmas to avoid the mad late-night knitting and wrapped skeins of yarn and patterns. It always gets a giggle but really?

5. Finish last year’s projects. At the beginning of 2010 I made a list of things I wanted to knit last year. I didn’t get half of them done. I sort of scrapped the list for this year and made it a little more manageable. But I need to go back and wrap up some WIPs and one big project that has been in a holding pattern for probably five years.

6. Charity Knitting. There are plenty of people who could use a warm hat or scarf and I have plenty of yarn to make that happen. I want to make a hat a month to donate to Share the Warmth or a similar cause.

7. Become more comfortable with sock knitting. I have many patterns, many skeins of yarn and many dreams of beautiful socks with cables, lace and a perfect fit. I got the Wendy Johnson Toes Up Socks book for Christmas and received Kathleen Taylor’s big book of socks at the North Country Fiber Festival. I definitely have the resources to make that happen.

Wish me luck and God’s speed on your own list. I’m going to go knit something.


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