This sock is done

Here is the finished, although not terribly expertly photographed, Nordic Christmas sock from the North Country Fiber Fair. If you tuned to my last blog post you will know that if you were not at the fair you are boring – or don’t care about fibers, or fairs.

Meanwhile, since that time, I’ve discovered that my blog has peaked at 12 readers, which is 10 more than I thought I had. These people will heretofore be known as the Dynamic Dozen. Hello Dynamic Dozen. As a result of my latest project, I have learned that I like stranded knitting – the knitting you do when you knit with two colors. Previously, I thought knitting with more than one color at a time was obnoxious because it ended up a tangled mess wrapped around my double points. (Stop laughing.) Kathleen Taylor (sock class teacher) showed me a simple, but ingenious, method of organizing your yarn so that it does not end up in the aforementioned yarn tangle. Kathleen Taylor is much smarter than me. Her classes are taught in a relaxed manner, she is accessible in her teaching style and she shows you how to do things more easily than you would have come up with on your own. She also gives out free books. I received the Big Book of Socks because I already have Fearless Fair Isle.  Maybe I’ll be able to try a sock pattern from the new free book if I ever get done with the Neverending Cotton Socks. If you have never met a neverending pair of cotton socks you do not know what I’m dealing with. It’s basically a sock that you continue to knit and knit that is then ripped out without your knowledge by your imagination that has fooled you into believing in this conspiracy.

That’s all for now. To the Dynamic Dozen: Good evening.


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