If you were not at the North Country Fiber Fair you are boring

Or you just don’t like fairs, or fiber or maybe just want to watch sports and maybe attend musical festivals. By the way, festivals and fairs are almost the same thing except sometimes one will have a carousel and the other will not. I will let you investigate which is which.

I attended the North Country Fiber Fair during my birthday weekend – Sept. 16 to 18. There was no carousel but there were fiber enthusiasts galore. These included people making their own yarn by spinning fiber, people knitting fiber people had already spun (me), people learning to spin fiber into yarn (also me) and probably some people weaving (not me).

This is the third year I have thought: I should really take some classes at this fiber fair and the first year I actually did it. On my birthday – yes – secret revealed – I took a class from celebrated author and knit blogger Kathleen Taylor. Kathleen is known in fiber circles for her blog Dakota Dreams and her pattern-writing, book-writing and teaching. She is known in book circles for a mystery series she wrote that was based on the area around Redfield, SD, where she lives. Unfortunately, her publisher decided not to pay for these books to be written right about the

Kathleen Taylor - awesome teacher and author and also blogger.

time things were getting steamy in those mysteries. I was not a fan of that decision and think she should write the rest of the series for the e-book market, but that is just my opinion. She has written a new book suitable for the older elementary to junior-highish set that I am really looking forward to reading. (If either of my two readers are publishers that last sentence was for you. Buy it, OK?)

But anyway, I had done some color work prior to this class, which will be described in a later post, about some golf club covers I tried to design. It was ultimately successful but I wish I’d taken this class before that.

Also I was really proud that while I was working on it people told me how beautiful the sock was and how I would be a credit to any guild I wanted to join. These compliments were given during Sunday lunch when I was knitting the sock very near where Kathleen Taylor was eating lunch. I wanted to say Pssst, are you hearing this Kathleen? Your sock is the bomb.

The sock is still not done but I am down to the edging. That means I have 14 rows left and some picot edging. I am hoping that tonight’s watching of Modern Family, Glee and Parenthood will be sufficient to knock it out.

My other large triumph this weekend – besides just getting my registration sent in and showing up – was spinning something that resembled yarn. I took a drop spindle class several years ago.  It DID NOT TAKE. This time it did. I was told that I was doing a great job in that class. Some of what I produced looked like real yarn, so it’s possible I was doing a really great job. It’s also possible that everyone is so happy at this fiber festival being surrounded by fiber fumes and other people who do not need the reasons for knitting explained to them that they think everyone is doing a great job at everything. I may have been one of those people. I can also say that this has not been the best year of my life – and by not the best year I mean this is number two on the worst scale. So for me to have been pretty solidly happy for three days was, number 1, really awesome and, number 2, really really awesome.

Here’s my sock.

There is twice as much of this sock now.

And here are some people who spin stuff that looks like yarn all the time or maybe just on Tuesdays because in my experience people really love to spin on Tuesdays.

If you think this is the last you’ll read from me about the NCFF then you are wrong. I have more pictures to post once I try to spin more yarn-like substances away from the magic new spinners ring of folding chairs.


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