Disappointment – you ugly, well you know

Sometimes I wonder, why do I knit? Or why do I try to knit things that fit myself. I knit this:

And it looks really nice doesn’t it? The cables are beautiful – if I do say so myself. The yarn has a great stitch definition that offsets the cables and also it was a fun piece to knit. I tried it on several times and was convinced it fit. Victory!

Then I put it on this morning and it looked, on me, sort of like packaged barf. For those who may be wondering, packaged barf is worse than real barf because it’s in a package so it probably smells worse and you might open it by accident thinking it’s something fun and cool like yarn. Then it’s really barf, which smells really bad from being barf and being sealed in a package and it gets all over you.

Back to the sweater – the sleeves were too long and the sweater body was too bulky or something. It made some of my bulges look more bulgy – not the look I’m going for. Just saying.

I have made approximately two sweaters – wait three – that fit. I would like to make more. Perhaps I need a dress form. Perhaps I should just make baby sweaters. Or afghans or scarves or something that doesn’t need to fit. Or maybe I should stop losing weight, but probably not. Maybe I should try these pieces on more during construction. Yeah, that’s it.


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