For those of you riveted by the tomato soup post

You should be 1,000 percent more excited about the eggplant Parmesan news of today. Here’s the news: I made it. It doesn’t suck. It may need a little more time in the oven to get rid of some of the chewiness. Doable – I have an oven. And teeth if the oven doesn’t work.

Meanwhile, here’s a vignette from daily dog walking. Basically this is what I sound like for most of the walk: No, no, come on, come on, COME HERE (jerks leash).  Often these dog walks are punctuated by mad straining against the leash in order to chase after a squirrel that’s already escaped to the safety of a tree that is far out of the dog’s ability to reach. This is what the dog does. I just walk. I can generally keep my enthusiasm about squirrels in check.

Another thing is cats. My dog was bitch-slapped twice by a farm cat over the Labor Day weekend. This particular farm cat had new kittens and wanted to assure the dog that he would regret even breathing in the cat’s direction. The dog has since forgotten how that felt. And has also forgotten crying like a baby because his nose had been attacked by a baby-crazed lunatic. In the dog’s mind he is mean and ferocious, full of teeth, projecting an aura of fear towards all he encounters. In reality he is an over-sized puff ball used to frequent walks, regular feeding and naps on the couch. This is how dog and cat differ. In a cat’s mind it will kick your ass if you get out of line. In reality, it will kick your ass if you get out of line.

So, no, no, come on, leave the cat alone.


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