No real progress to report unless you count tomato soup

Sadly this weekend was a bust as far as my home improvement to do list. However, I was able to get some of the donated produce used up in some salsa, BLT’s and TOMATO AND ZUCCHINI SOUP! I love tomato zucchini soup so much. It’s very possible that I over-seasoned this with chili powder and dill but I will choke it down anyway.

Tonight if the newspaper Gods smile on me I am leaving here early enough to make some eggplant Parmesan, maybe some zucchini bread and hopefully knock off one or two jobs from the aforementioned to do list.

Also, it’s international crochet day! Here’s the proposed project: a hat.

This looks like a knitting pattern but it is crocheted. I am going to work it in my favorite Lion Brand Cotton-Ease with a G hook – the favorite crochet hook size.

Could we just pause here to give a shout out to the new Interweave Crochet?

The cover shot is beautiful. I am drooling over that wrap. And it can be worn so many ways. There are several projects in this issue I want on my to do list but I’m starting with the hat. It’s my new goal – try to make one project out of each of the several mags that find their way to my mailbox quarterly. So many goals …

Happy International Crochet Day!


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