Weekend To Do list

Unfortunately I have no knitting to show you today. I have been knitting the same sweater for weeks and just when I thought it was almost done I discovered I need to add another two inches onto it. So instead I will give you a list of projects at my house I’ve put off all summer. This list is made in the hopes that I might get these completed before winter. Here’s hoping …

1. Take down the blinds in the kitchen. I’m getting a new kitchen and need more light to come in that window to counteract the darkish tile I’m putting down and the sage green paint I plan to put on the walls.

2. Re-hang the curtain in the craft room. These are sheers that I think will add a nice ambiance to the space. This would probably take five minutes if I’d just get the drill out.

3. Replace the shade in my large bathroom with the bamboo shade I’ve had for a year.

4. Take off all the painters tape that is still stuck to the closet in my bedroom. This is more than a year old.

5. Fill in an oddly-placed flower bed with some pavers to stone treatment of some kind.

6. Put down some Preen (Preem?) in the flower beds and mulch to cut down on some of the weeds.

And here’s a gratuitous shot of the peonies that lasted two days in June before the rain killed them. They were very pretty while they lasted. This has been the summer of finishing large projects so I’m also including a shot of the crochet sunning itself on the patio. I guess I had some knitty/crochet content after all.


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